Aquaculture Farms

Aquaculture Farms

Problem Areas-

Oxygen depletion is the leading cause of fish kills in ponds. Because low oxygen kills are usually sudden and massive, many pond owners mistakenly jump to the conclusion that a pesticide must be responsible.

Cyanobacteria can rapidly overtake an aquaculture pond and contribute to unstable conditions. Cyanobacteria blooms can decrease fish production and kill fish because of oxygen depletion. Cyanobacteria can also cause off-flavor and objectionable odor in fish. Harmful algal blooms sometimes create toxins that are detrimental to fish and other animals.

Our Technology

Aquaritin Aqua (AA) is a unique integrated Nano scale nutrients complex that promotes growth of Diatoms while mitigating growth of Cyanobacteria in the target water body. Diatoms form a part of the natural food chain and help increase Dissolved Oxygen while reducing Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates and Ammonia. Diatoms are food for zooplankton, daphnia and rotifers which in turn are food for fish. There is no comparable product in the world. It enhances water quality, reduces pathogens and toxic BGA, and revitalizes aquatic food web. It can be used in, RAS systems, Shrimp and Fin Fish Hatcheries.

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