Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Problem Areas-

Sometimes it’s not the amount of water, but the quality of the water that can hurt your turf—especially as drought conditions force many golf courses to move away from natural water sources to reclaimed/recycled water.
Reclaimed/recycled water has been treated with substances that cause the water to have high salinity (salt), pH, bicarbonates and sodium levels. Using reclaimed/recycled water can affect your turf adversely.
Golf courses are suffering from water scarcity; Even the water they are getting is not suitable for irrigation. Therefore they have to rely on use of waste water supplied by Municipal Corporation but quality of that water is much inferior to the quality needed by the turf of Golf Courses, as they are having high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), high nutrient load, high Chlorophyll levels leading to algal blooms in lakes, low Dissolved Oxygen leading to poor turf roots, higher incidence of fungal disease and pests, increase in soil salinity which becomes apparent after a time lag, etc.

Our Technology :

Only technology that can limit the amount of various chemical parameters in their desired limit and improves the quality of water is Aquaritin Nano- technology. This technology not only helps to treat the water but also provides the best solution for maintaining the life of turf.

Aquaritin Wastewater is an advanced Nanoscale liquid formulation which combines a balanced mix of 13 nutrients in a single formulation bioavailable exclusively for the native diatoms in your water bodies, the particle size is between 1 and 50 nm and each nutrient is adsorbed on to nano-silica molecule preventing them from bonding with each other, with water, or the atmosphere. Since diatoms are always looking for silicon, the nano nutrients are exclusively consumed by diatoms which lead to immediate and exponential growth in their population, rapidly consuming the nutrients that would have otherwise gone towards algae growth. As diatoms grow and photosynthesize, they sequester carbon and release oxygen into the water, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen. It can be used to treat the water of the irrigation system of golf courses.

Also for the turf we have Aquaritin 19 Turf Solution,

When applied to golf turf, Aquaritin 19 promotes immediate and long lasting color response, greater photosynthesis and plant & root health. Its breakthrough technology will deliver an equivalent of a 19-19-19 conventional foliar spray with additional benefits derived from micronized Silicon, such as resistance against mechanical, environmental and other abiotic and biotic stressors. It can be used in golf greens, sports turf fields, tees and fairways.

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