Horticulture Farms

Horticulture Farms

Problem Areas-

Horticulture farms face challenges in fruit production due to climate change, pests and diseases, water management issues, and soil health and nutrient management. Climate change brings rising temperatures, irregular rainfall, and extreme weather, affecting fruit development and reducing yields. Pests and diseases, including new strains and pesticide resistance, pose threats to fruit crops. Water scarcity, quality problems, and improper irrigation impact fruit growth. Soil fertility depletion and imbalanced fertilizer use lead to poor plant growth and lower fruit yields, potentially causing environmental pollution.

Our Technology

Aquaritin Orchard is an advanced Nano Scale foliar spray which combines a balanced mix of 13 plant nutrients in a single formulation. When applied to orchard trees, it promotes cell wall strength, plant rigidity, root development, water efficiency and disease resistance. Aquaritin helps to eliminate the costs of adding other expensive fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides to your spray program. By treating the tree and working at getting a balanced nutrition package that includes Cu and Si into the tree, the tree can fight diseases much more efficiently. Using Aquaritin Orchard, a nano-particle foliar spray, the micronutrient droplets are readily absorbed into the plant through the leaves.

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