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The National University of Malaysia (UKM) strongly recommend to state of Selangor Government to continue applying Aquabio Solution (Combination of Auaritin and Bioritin) via phycoremediation and bioremediation best practice for river water treatment. The recommendation is based on successful project on Water Treatment of Gong Holding Pond from 16th November 2020 till 9th November 2021.

Professor Dr. Azizan Ahmad


My pond has never stayed so clear even with extremely hot weather. I treat weekly and have had no loss of fish. I like my pond in a natural state so do not move sludge from bottom where tadpoles, eggs of dragonflies, etc. live. This treatment has not harmed them, and is so clear that I can see the veins on the leaves on the bottom! This is the best product I have ever found.

M.H Butts


I have never found a better product in my 15+ years of having a pond! Easy to use and helps create a healthy environment for my fish and all the other creatures who visit regularly. Thanks for making a product that works.!


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