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Naturally Remediate Urban River Segments, Polluted Drains, Wetlands And Lakes Rapidly

We specialize in the rapid and natural remediation of urban river segments, polluted drains, wetlands, and lakes through the power of phycoremediation.
In urban areas, water bodies often suffer from pollution caused by industrial runoff, urban runoff, and other sources of contamination. These pollutants can have detrimental effects on the ecosystem, water quality, and the overall health of the surrounding environment. Our innovative phycoremediation approach offers an effective and sustainable solution to restore these water bodies to their natural and healthy state.
Our technology works at the intersection of Nano & Biotechnologies. The technology is encapsulated in the form of nano-nutrients in Aquaritin. When dosed in wastewater nanoscale nutrients cause sustained growth of Diatom algae and the mitigation of Blue Green and Green algae.
Diatoms release oxygen in water through photosynthesis, use up excess nutrients for their growth, fix carbon, support growth of aerobic bacteria and transitions the water body from anaerobic to aerobic particularly at benthic levels. Diatoms can also fix salts of heavy metals, radioactive substances, degrade sludge & starve out weeds like water hyacinths in nutrient rich streams.

Key features of Phycoremediation :

Natural and Sustainable: Phycoremediation mimics the natural processes found in wetlands, leveraging the inherent abilities of diatoms or microalgae to absorb and convert pollutants into biomass.

Versatile Applications: Our phycoremediation systems can be applied to various wastewater streams, urban rivers, lakes, ponds, drains, canals, including municipal wastewater, industrial effluents, agricultural runoff, and more. This versatility ensures that our solutions can meet the needs of different sectors.

Efficient Pollutant Removal: Microalgae or diatoms possess high pollutant removal capabilities. They absorb nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as heavy metals, organic compounds, and other contaminants, effectively purifying the water.

Oxygen Generation: As part of the photosynthetic process, diatoms release oxygen, thereby enhancing the dissolved oxygen content in wastewater. This promotes aerobic conditions, which are beneficial for the growth of beneficial bacteria and other aquatic organisms.

Carbon Capture: Our product, specially formulated to promote diatom growth, provides an effective approach to carbon sequestration. By enhancing the conditions that favour diatom proliferation, we maximize their capacity to absorb CO2 and facilitate the natural movement of atmospheric carbon to the depths of our oceans.

Aeration in WWTPS/ STPS/ETPS that saves running cost

We provide efficient aeration solutions for wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), sewage treatment plants (STPs), and effluent treatment plants (ETPs) that not only enhance treatment efficiency but also save on running costs. Our cutting-edge nanotechnology based Aquaritin products revolutionizes aeration processes, offering significant benefits for your facility.
Aquaritin, a 4th generation nano technology combined with Bioritin, has emerged as a proven and efficient method for the treatment of industrial effluents, optimization of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs). This innovative technology promotes the growth of Diatoms, which are crucial net-oxygenators in water ecosystems, creating favorable conditions for their proliferation. Notably, Diatoms demonstrate remarkable photosynthetic activity even under low-light conditions, effectively boosting the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels in wastewater. Consequently, this process stabilizes excess contamination caused by Nitrogen and Phosphorus, resulting in reduction of heavy metals, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and foul odor. Furthermore, this advancement has shown a significant decrease in power consumption required for DO regulation through aerators. These benefits extend to reduced electricity costs of the plants, minimized wear and tear (operational maintenance of aerators), and improved water quality parameters, ensuring compliance with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) guidelines for wastewater discharge.

Mitigate Algae, Odour and Taste issues of drinking water reservoir

Algae growth in reservoirs can lead to a range of problems, including taste and odor issues, reduced water quality, and increased maintenance costs. Our ultrasonic treatment system offers a reliable and environmentally friendly solution to combat these challenges.
Using advanced AlgaeClear ultrasonic technology, our system generates high-frequency sound waves that disrupt the cellular structure of algae, preventing their growth and proliferation. This non-chemical approach ensures the integrity of the water and eliminates the need for harmful and costly traditional treatments.
AlgaeClear is the ultrasonic device designed to mitigate blue-green algae (BGA) and green algae populations. The system uses ultrasonic waves generated through the transducers, which emit 360 degrees around the system. The waves are pulsed to generate differential pressure on the air vacuoles in the BGA without lysing the cell walls. The vacuoles get ruptured, and the algae sinks to the benthic levels where it is degraded by the microbes.

By implementing our ultrasonic treatment, you can expect several key benefits:

Algae Control: Our system effectively inhibits algae growth by disrupting their cellular functions, preventing the formation of unsightly blooms and reducing the presence of harmful algal toxins.

Improved Water Quality: The elimination of algae leads to clearer, cleaner water with reduced turbidity. By removing algae, we enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and visual clarity of your drinking water reservoir.

Taste and Odor Elimination: Algae blooms often contribute to unpleasant tastes and odors in drinking water. Our ultrasonic treatment significantly reduces these issues, providing consumers with better-tasting and odor-free water.

Cost-Effective Solution: Traditional methods of algae control and taste and odor removal can be expensive and time-consuming. Our ultrasonic treatment system offers a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly: As a non-chemical solution, our ultrasonic treatment has minimal impact on the environment. It eliminates the need for harmful algaecides and reduces chemical runoff, safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.

Easy Integration: Our ultrasonic treatment system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing reservoir infrastructure, minimizing installation efforts and downtime. We provide comprehensive support throughout the process to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.

Next Generation Bio-STP – Vasuki, an innovation based on Nanotechnology

The innovation relates to development of a low cost, low carbon footprint biological treatment model for tapping and converting poor quality wastewater to high grade agricultural water that can be used in golf courses, sports fields engineering, academic institutions, etc. and large cooperative farms. The Bio STP scores over the conventional STPs in many ways, some of the important ones being the ability to reduce salts, sodium and chlorine in the influent water. Use of wastewater for turf and agricultural use requires reduction of salts, sodium and chlorine. The cost is roughly one third of the cost of the Conventional STPs. The engineering model uses less space (2000 sqm, 0.5 acre) for a 3 MLD plant. The biggest benefit is the low carbon footprint that leads to achieve sustainable development goals. The sludge generation is almost negligible. Since the tech is aligned with Nature’s biological processes, it sequesters Carbon, Nitrogen and phosphorous to a significant degree.

By implementing our Bio-STP Vasuki, you can expect several key benefits:

The water quality provided by the system is superior to conventional STP's as it particularly targets the reduction of salts, sludge and excess nutrients/algal growth which are critical to better irrigation water quality.

It is the only technology that can reduce the heavy nutrient load in untreated sewage water to a significant extent and convert it into suitable irrigation water.

No foul smell emanates from the STP and therefore it does not inconvenience players and proximate communities.

The capital cost including civil works for the Bio-STP per MLD is nearly 50% cheaper than a conventional STP and produces better water quality outcomes.

The design is flexible. In case the golf course already has a holding pond, the cost can be reduced further.

Electricity requirements can be reduced by 10-30 percent.

Over time, fertilizers and fungicides use can be reduced by over 30% due to better quality irrigation water. Over time this will reduce soil toxicity.

Decarbonisation through Aquaritin

Aquaritin plays a crucial role in the process of decarbonisation by aiding in the growth and proliferation of diatoms in aquatic environments. Diatoms are microscopic algae that are known for their ability to perform photosynthesis and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) while releasing oxygen. Aquaritin, a nano nutrient formulation embedded in nano-silica, acts as a catalyst for the multiplication of diatoms in water bodies.
When Aquaritin is introduced into the environment and consumed by diatoms, these organisms absorb the essential nutrients provided by Aquaritin and engage in photosynthesis. As a result, they efficiently take up larger amounts of CO2 from the surroundings and release oxygen into the atmosphere. The increased biomass of diatoms also facilitates enhanced assimilation of carbon, further contributing to the process of decarbonisation. Furthermore, diatoms possess a competitive advantage over other microbes in acquiring vital nutrients like nitrate and phosphate. By outcompeting these organisms, diatoms effectively absorb excessive amounts of nitrates and phosphates, thereby reducing nutrient overload in the water body. This nutrient regulation is crucial as excessive nutrient levels can lead to eutrophication and the proliferation of harmful algal blooms.
The utilization of Aquaritin has demonstrated impressive results in terms of carbon sequestration and nutrient management. Studies have shown that the application of Aquaritin has the capacity to sequester approximately 7 tons of carbon, 1.7 tons of nitrogen and 0.5 tons of phosphorus per day, with a ratio of 14:3:1. These figures highlight the significant potential of Aquaritin in tackling carbon emissions and nutrient imbalances in aquatic ecosystems.
By leveraging Aquaritin's capabilities, we can effectively contribute to decarbonisation efforts and promote healthier aquatic environments.

Microbial intervention in Multiple Municipal and Industrial Sectors

Our microbial products are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes. They enhance organic matter degradation, nutrient removal, and odor control, leading to cleaner effluent and compliance with regulatory standards. Whether it's a municipal wastewater treatment plant or an industrial facility, lakes and ponds or septic system, municipal solid waste or fighting the foul odour issues of processing industries, our products provide tailored solutions to optimize treatment performance.
Bioritin are naturally isolated (non-GMO) consortia of microbes that are dosed following Aquaritin in the wastewater. The microbes degrade incoming pollutants like sewage, consume nutrients and minimise sludge. In India, a pioneering method based on nanoscale nutrients has been created after years of research for a comprehensive bio-remediation process that involves the treatment of wastewater using microbial formulations. Since the process is completely natural, the supervision and maintenance is very low. The removal of pollutants is very efficient.
Products from Bioritin are affordable and guarantee high-quality performance. They are very effective at maintaining COD and BOD while also having the capacity to raise DO. They prevent the development of dangerous germs. They even help maintain the ecological balance by fixing carbon without disturbing levels of phosphorus, ammonia, and nitrogen. The Bioritin line of products is biodiversity-safe and environmentally friendly. In order to remove and remediate the contaminants through biological and metabolic processes, microorganisms are added to the contaminated water as part of the bioremediation process. The use of Bioritin with Aquaritin is a combined force that no man-made system can match.

All In One Nanosupplement for Poultry

Aquaritin Poultry is a Nanoscale "All In One Supplement" for sustainable growth of poultry. Nanoscale minerals are fortified with amino acid L- Methionine and proprietary compounds to improve the qualitative and quantitative production of birds and eggs in the poultry at low cost.
Trends in Poultry Breeding Small-scale poultry farms use breeds known as “rustic”, which are characterized by low performance (50/60 eggs per hen per year), low growth, good adaptation to climatic and sanitary conditions and low feed requirements.
Intensive poultry farming uses selected breeds (hybrids) obtained by specialists in avian genetics. These breeds are high-yielding (300 eggs per hen per year) and grow quickly; but are sensitive to stress and diseases and demand a healthy balanced diet and a comfortable and hygienic environment.
Role of Aquaritin Poultry: Aquaritin Poultry plays an important role in bridging up these gaps faced in small-scale as well as the intensive poultry farming. Aquaritin Poultry provides them with a healthy balanced diet, enhancing their adaptibility to climatic and sanitary condition, and increasing their immunity to fight diseases. This all in one supplement promotes better growth and high performance of the breed.

Key Characteristics of Nano Minerals:

High Absorption and Retention: The Nano forms of supplements augments the surface area that can enhance absorption and thereby, utilize minerals, resulting in reduced need for dietary supplements.

Promotes Antioxidant Activity: Improves antioxidant activity, growth, and reproductive performance. It also enhances immune response, gut health, and nutritional value of the feed.

Antiobiotic Free Life: Helps the bird to gain weight naturally without any use of antibiotics and steroids. The increase in weight gain is observed to be 15% atleast along with the increase in immunity against various poultry diseases.

Cost Efficient: Nano minerals as feed supplements, increases the feed efficiency, reduces FCR, diminishing feed cost by reducing the multiple supplements doses and simultaneously intensifying the yield and health of the bird.

Environment Friendly: Low chance of runoff due to fast assimilation rate, reduces leaching of wasted minerals. It is also non-hazardous, non-toxic, and easy to handle which makes it a sustainable choice for the environment.

Turf/ Lawns/ Cricket Grounds/ Ornamentals

We are pleased to offer a specialized product designed to enhance the health and appearance of turf, lawns, cricket grounds, and ornamental plants. Our product is formulated to provide comprehensive care and promote optimal growth, vitality, and resilience.
Welcome to Aquaritin - Your Solution for Turf, Lawns, Cricket Grounds, and Ornamentals At Aquaritin, we are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for maintaining healthy and vibrant turf, lawns, cricket grounds, and ornamental plants. Our range of products is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of these diverse applications, ensuring optimum growth, durability, and aesthetics. Whether you're a homeowner, a professional groundskeeper, or a landscape enthusiast, Aquaritin has the right solution for you.

Turf Solutions: Aquaritin offers a comprehensive range of turf care products that promote lush greenery and enhance the overall health of your turf. Our turf solutions include specialized fertilizers, soil conditioners, and growth enhancers, all formulated to address specific challenges faced by turf professionals. With Aquaritin, you can achieve superior turf quality that withstands heavy traffic, recovers quickly from stress, and maintains its beauty all year round.

Lawn Care: A beautiful and well-maintained lawn can be the centerpiece of any landscape. Aquaritin's lawn care products are designed to give your lawn the attention it deserves. From fertilizers tailored for specific grass types to weed control solutions that eliminate unwanted intruders, our products will help you achieve a vibrant, weed-free lawn. With Aquaritin, you can enjoy a healthy, resilient lawn that enhances the beauty of your property.

Cricket Ground Maintenance: Maintaining a top-quality cricket ground requires specialized care and attention. Aquaritin understands the unique demands of cricket grounds and offers a range of products to ensure an optimal playing surface. Our cricket ground maintenance solutions include pitch conditioners, soil stabilizers, and moisture management products that help create consistent bounce, minimize wear and tear, and provide an excellent playing experience. Trust Aquaritin to deliver the performance and durability your cricket ground needs.

Ornamental Plant Care: Ornamental plants add elegance and charm to any setting, be it a garden, a park, or a commercial landscape. Aquaritin's ornamental plant care products are formulated to nourish and protect your prized plants, ensuring their health and vitality. Our range includes fertilizers, pest control solutions, and growth regulators that promote vibrant blooms, lush foliage, and robust plant growth. With Aquaritin, your ornamental plants will thrive and captivate all who see them.

Why Choose Aquaritin:

Innovative Solutions: Aquaritin offers cutting-edge products that are developed using the latest scientific research and technological advancements in plant care.

Tailored Approach: We understand that different applications have unique requirements. Our products are designed to address the specific challenges faced by turf, lawns, cricket grounds, and ornamental plants.

Superior Quality: Aquaritin is committed to delivering superior quality products that produce visible results and ensure long-term plant health.

Sustainability: We strive to develop environmentally friendly solutions that minimize the impact on ecosystems and promote sustainable practices.

Expert Support: Our team of experts is available to provide guidance, answer questions, and assist you in choosing the right products for your specific needs.

Choose Aquaritin for all your turf, lawn, cricket ground, and ornamental plant care needs. Experience the difference our products can make in achieving lush, healthy, and visually stunning landscapes. Contact us today or explore our website to learn more about our products and their applications.

Research and Development

We are dedicated to advancing research in the field of turf health and water quality using cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Our team of experts is committed to developing sustainable solutions that promote healthy turf and clean water resources. The benchmark of our Aquaritin products is to manufacture products that worked synergistically with natural ecosystem that they do not harm the environment or the beneficial organisms.
Our R&D team is working to diversify the Aquaritin portfolio to meet the needs of a changing global environment. The challenges presented by a warming planet occupies our thoughts and at Aquaritin we are striving to develop nutrient solutions to strengthen plants to withstand biotic as well as abiotic stresses. We are also exploring the possibility of acceleration of plant and animal growth through the technology. The growing challenge of high level of oxygen demand, dissolved salts and suspended solids in irrigation water is the primary research objective in the wastewater domain. The company has developed a avant-garde insitu solution for remediation. It leads the remediation sector globally with over 5000 clients worldwide using Aquaritin wastewater products.

Free Consulting

At Aquaritin, we believe in providing more than just products – we offer comprehensive solutions and expertise to address your wastewater treatment and turf management needs. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are proud to offer free consulting services to help you make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.
Wastewater Treatment Consulting Services: Our team of wastewater treatment experts is here to assist you in finding the most effective and sustainable solutions for treating water bodies. Whether you are dealing with pollution, high nutrient levels, or other water quality issues, our consultants will work closely with you to assess your specific requirements and develop a customized plan.

Through our free consulting services, we will:

1. Conduct a comprehensive assessment: Our experts will evaluate the condition of your water body, analyzing factors such as nutrient levels, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, and any potential contaminants.

2. Develop a tailored treatment strategy: Based on the assessment findings, we will design a customized wastewater treatment plan that aligns with your goals, taking into account environmental regulations, sustainability practices, and cost-effectiveness.

3. Provide guidance on product selection: Aquaritin offers a range of advanced wastewater treatment products, and our consultants will recommend the most suitable solutions for your specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective treatment.

4. Offer implementation support: We will guide you through the implementation process, providing recommendations on application methods, dosages, and monitoring techniques to optimize the performance of our wastewater treatment products.

With our free consulting services, you can tap into our expertise and industry knowledge, leveraging our years of experience in wastewater treatment to enhance the health and quality of your water bodies.

Turf Solution Consulting Services: Maintaining healthy and vibrant turf requires careful planning and the right solutions. Our turf solution consulting services are designed to help you achieve outstanding results in turf management, whether you are a professional groundskeeper or a homeowner seeking a lush green lawn.
Here's how our consulting services can assist you:

1. Assess your turf needs: Our consultants will assess the condition of your turf, taking into account factors such as soil quality, grass type, climate, and usage patterns. This evaluation will enable us to understand your specific challenges and requirements.

2. Develop a customized turf management plan: Based on the assessment, we will create a tailored turf management plan that encompasses fertilization schedules, pest control strategies, soil amendments, and other key elements necessary for healthy turf growth.

3. Recommend the right products: Aquaritin offers a wide range of turf care products, including fertilizers, growth enhancers, pest control solutions, and soil conditioners. Our consultants will recommend the most appropriate products to address your specific turf needs.

4. Provide ongoing support: We will be available to answer any questions, provide guidance, and offer ongoing support as you implement the turf management plan and use our recommended products.

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