Aquaritin Products

Aquaritin Products

Aquaritin Wastewater

Aquaritin Wastewater is an advanced Nano Scale liquid formulation which combines a balanced mix of 13 nutrients in a single formulation bioavailable exclusively for the native diatoms in your water bodies, the particle size is between 1 and 50 nm and each nutrient is adsorbed on to nano-silica molecule preventing them from bonding with each other, with water, or the atmosphere. Since diatoms are always looking for silicon, the nano nutrients are exclusively consumed by diatoms which lead to immediate and exponential growth in their population, rapidly consuming the nutrients that would have otherwise gone towards algae growth. As diatoms grow and photosynthesize, they sequester carbon and release oxygen into the water, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen. It can be used in polluted rivers, drains, STPs and ETPs.

Aquaritin Aqua

Aquaritin Aqua (AA) is a unique integrated Nano scale nutrients complex that promotes growth of Diatoms while mitigating growth of Cyanobacteria in the target water body. Diatoms form a part of the natural food chain and help increase Dissolved Oxygen while reducing Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates and Ammonia. Diatoms are food for zooplankton, daphnia and rotifers which in turn are food for fish. There is no comparable product in the world. It enhances water quality, reduces pathogens and toxic BGA, and revitalizes aquatic food web. It can be used in, RAS systems, Shrimp and Fin Fish Hatcheries.

Aquaritin Uniko

Aquaritin Uniko is a disinfectant with increased effectiveness, with the active components like Polyhexamethyleneguamidine hydrochloride (PHMG HC) and Alkyldimethylbenzene ammonium chloride in water base. Aquaritin Uniko destroys all known viruses, dangerous bacteria especially (plague, cholera), fungi, as well as pathogenic microorganisms that cause nosocomial infections. Harmless to humans, hypo allergenic and safe for children. A Superlative Chlorine free Disinfectant to contain COVID-19, ROTAVIRUSES, LEGIONELLA & model biofilms formed by them. It can be used in WWTPs, WTPs, STPs, ETPs, Swimming Pools and Water Parks, Ponds and Lakes with high bacteria content, Irrigation System and Pipelines in Golf Courses, Water Storage tanks and sumps.

Aquaritin Oil Degrader

Aquaritin Oil Degrader is a product that was developed to overcome the constraints of the conventional Bio Remediation techniques, namely, slow rate of degradation and oxygen starvation. The nutrients in Aquaritin are at nano-scale so the surface area is 1 million to 1 billion times more than conventional nutrient inputs like urea. Thus a smaller quantity can feed nutrients to a large volume of affected area. Concurrently, it also leads to growth of Diatoms that photo-synthesize even in oil spill conditions to release pure 100% molecular oxygen compared to other systems in use that use aeration that is 21 % oxygen and that too at much larger size of air bubbles. Once the Aquaritin Oil Degrader is dosed in the polluted water or oil mixed sand/soil, it releases oxygen that is used up by “oil eating” bacteria like A. Borkumensis that generate enzymes Alk B1 and Alk B2 that degrade Carbon chains from 5 to 12 and 8 to 16 respectively. The oxygen produced also saves lives of mammals, fish, birds and crustaceans that are struggling for oxygen. It can be used in sulphur plant/ power plant discharge, oceanic oil spills, drilling mud treatment and distillery effluents.

Aquaritin Lakes & Ponds

When applied to ponds, our Silicon + 12 essential nutrients become immediately and exclusively available to native diatoms. With higher species of diatoms growing exponentially, the blue-green algae and green algae is outcompeted for nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Since the diatom shell is made of silicon and oxygen, it photosynthesizes under lower light conditions (early morning and late evening) thus consuming the nutrients before algae has a chance to grow in full daylight. It can be used in lakes, rivers, ponds and irrigation canals.

Aquaritin Blue

Aquaritin Blue is proven to deliver exceptional pond and lakes health by eliminating excess colonies of Cyanobacteria and enhancing the growth of diatoms which maintain dissolved oxygen level in the water body. The particle size is between 1nm and 50 nm and each nutrient is adsorbed on to Nano-silica molecule preventing them from bonding with each other or with water, or the atmospheric air. Since diatoms are always looking for silicon, the Nano nutrients are exclusively consumed by diatoms which lead to immediate and exponential growth in their population, rapidly consuming the nutrients that would have otherwise gone towards algae growth. It can be used in nutrient enriched water bodies, anoxic ponds and lakes.


Aquaritin pH is Nano Nutrient mixture with particular growth factor that promotes the growth of appropriate algae even in acidic waters. It Bio transforms the pollutants including Nutrients and xenobiotics from the acidic waters. These microalgae boost alkalinity restoring pH in the environment progressively. Micro algae efficiently sequester heavy metals. It can be used in acid mine drainage, leachates, mining effluents and landfills.

Aquaritin Waste Water Plus

Aquaritin Waste Water Plus is a Nano-nutrient mixture with particle size 30 nm or less. It promotes sustained growth and multiplication of diatom algae in waste water even in low light conditions. Photosynthesis of diatoms release pure oxygen at molecular scale while consuming nitrates, phosphates and other nutrients found both in waste water column and water bed This rapidly transforms the water environment to aerobic condition resulting in multiple benefits. It can be used in drains, rivers, canals, in highly polluted water bodies, Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants.

Aquaritin Foliar

Aquaritin Foliar (AF) is an integrated, nanoscale nutrient complex formulated as an 'Easy to Use' liquid product. It is used in large plantations like that of citrus, tea and coffee. It is also used in horticulture. Rice and sugarcane are some of the field crops in which AF is used. Aquaritin Foliar significantly reduces disease and pest infestation in crops. It revives sick crops, reduces pests and disease significantly, ensures high quality tea leaves, reduces water usage, improves soil quality and mitigates impact of climate change especially drought like conditions. It can be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides etc. It can be used in tea estates, golf turf and crops.

Aquaritin 19 Nano Npk

Aquaritin 19 is a Nano Scale NPK+ Product. It is a non- hazardous, advanced, climate change ready foliar spray consisting Nano NPK 19:19:19 and 7 other Nano nutrients (Ca, Mg, Zn, B, Fe, SiO2, Mo) at Nano-scale to address the excessive use of high salt index conventional fertilizers. The availability of nutrients and their absorption increases due to higher surface area to volume size ratio to the size of Nano particles. Aquaritin 19 has certain physical and chemical properties which differentiates it over the conventional fertilizers and nutrients. It can be used in vegetable farms or poly houses, fruit orchards, rice paddy and sugarcane.

Aquaritin 19 (Turf Solution)

When applied to golf turf, Aquaritin 19 promotes immediate and long lasting color response, greater photosynthesis and plant & root health. Its breakthrough technology will deliver an equivalent of a 19-19-19 conventional foliar spray with additional benefits derived from micronized Silicon, such as resistance against mechanical, environmental and other abiotic and biotic stressors. It can be used in golf greens, sports turf fields, tees and fairways.

Nano Power Garden

Nano-Power Garden is a non-hazardous, advanced, climate change ready foliar spray consisting all the 13 nutrients at Nano-scale required for plant growth. It contains primary-nutrients like N, P, K, followed with secondary which are Ca, Mg, S as well as micronutrients such as Fe, Cu, B, Mn, Co, Mo and Zn with a proprietary nutrient. Its exclusive Nano-Power nutrients guarantee good uptake and prolonged availability of nutrients. It can target every growth stage and correct nutrient imbalances as well as minor deficiencies. It can be used in vegetable gardens, lawns, and decorative flower gardens, indoor and outdoor plants.

Aquaritin Poultry

Aquaritin Poultry (A.P) is a breakthrough Nanotech Mineral Complex fortified with amino acid L-Methionine which has been prepared to improve the qualitative and quantitative production of birds in the poultry. Nano minerals are size 1-100 nm and due to such small size, there is an enormous increase in surface area and thus, their biological response whereas conventionally, minerals are supplemented as an inorganic salts, which are less absorbed and thus, a major proportion is excreted to the surroundings creating environmental issues. The Nano forms of supplements augments the surface area that can enhance absorption and thereby, utilize minerals, resulting in reduced dietary supplements and reduced feed cost and more sustainability. It can be used for Poultry (Layers, Broilers, Roosters).

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