Fucoxanthin Products

Fucoxanthin Products


Fucoxanthin, a xanthophyll structurally similar to beta carotene and vitamin A. Currently isolated from brown seaweeds but fast-growing diatoms, a class of microalgae, synthesize it at higher levels, making them the only viable candidate for sustainable production.


Unlike other weight loss products like caffeine, ephedra and synephrine (that also add toxins to human body), It can help boost the fat metabolism rate without stimulating a person’s central nervous system, thus helping to ensure that weight lost does not creep back. Typical weight loss nutraceuticals target subcutaneous fat while Fucoxanthin acts on visceral fat, which poses far more threats to a human’s life conditions.


Fucoxanthin due to its unique chemical structure, that includes an allenic bond, an epoxide group, and a hydroxyl group, can effectively scavenge free radicals and avoid the potential damages caused by free radical attack, thus decrease the incidence of many skin concerns related to free radicals like inflammation, photoprotection & aging


The special chemical structure of Fucoxanthin has equipped it with a variety of biological activities including the potential protective effect on a variety of inflammation-related diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, studies have demonstrated the potential health benefits of fucoxanthin for prevention of chronic diseases, such as cancer, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and liver disease.

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