Sungai Gong, Malaysia

Sungai Gong, Malaysia

The report highlights the Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous fixation through PhycoRemediation. Phyco-Remediation of polluted waters through targeted Nano scale Nutrients is anovel technique for rapid, insitu remediation of lotic (flowing) wastewater bodies. The process involves high pressure dosing of Nano Nutrients Aquaritin and Microbial formulations in the waterbody in a ratio of 1:1. The process delivers improved water quality as well as nutrient assimilation by micro-organisms in water. The case study evaluates the nutrient assimilation achieved in the case study with focus on Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous.

Sungai Gong (River Gong) is a 250 MLD River in Malaysia. It was deeply polluted with effluents from industry, agricultural farms, domestic wastewater, slaughter houses etc. A pilot trial leveraging the breakthrough technology from Aquaritin (AquaBio) was deployed for 3 months to assess the effectiveness against multiple point and non-point pollutants.

The trial was very successful as the Water Quality improved from Class IV to Class II as defined under Malaysian River Standards, within 12 weeks. Besides the improvement in water quality, aquatic life and aquatic biodiversity, the technology could fix 7 tons of Carbon, 1.7 tons of N and 0.5 tons of P per day. Compared to trees on land, the fixation of Carbon at 7,000 kg per day is equivalent to carbon fixation by 120,000 trees per day.

We believe that there is immense potential in the technology to decarbonize, eliminate algal blooms through prophylactic as well as curative action, mitigate acidification of oceans, eliminate mass fish kills, rebuild aquatic bio-diversity and even save imperilled coral reefs.


  • To carry out the preliminary study on chemical, physical and biological Characteristics of raw water in Sg. Gong and Sg. Gong Holding Pond
  • To implement the Raw Water Treatment System (RWTS) at Sg. Gong Holding Pond.
  • To overcome the Issues of fuel /oil waste, chemical waste, and foul odor at Sungai GongHolding Pond.

Our Target

  • Comply with Requirements standard (Class II WQI) for e.g. Reduction of BOD, COD, Oil & Grease and elimination of odor before coming into GHP and discharged from GHP outlet.
  • Improving physical condition and color of the Sg. Gong river.

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