UKM IWK Kajang, Malaysia

UKM IWK Kajang, Malaysia

Semua data-data analisis yang dikemukakan dan dapatan kajian yang dilakukan oleh Syarikat Nardee Resources Sdn Bhd (1352120-M) adalah DISAHKAN BENAR tanpa sebarang keraguan dan boleh digunakan sebagai rujukan bagi penambahbaikan sistem pembentungan dan rawatan air kumbahan di Malaysia.


To apply green advance liquid as trial for IWK treatment plan HLT213.


  • Comply with Requirement standard for effluent BOD less than 20 mg/L and other parameters.
  • Preventing bad odor production during electrical short trip e.g more than 24 hours.
  • Power consumption on Aeration system: 50 - 70% reduction.

Terms & Conditions

  • Trial period will be conducted within 30 days.
  • If positive result achieve earlier than 30 days, Nardee will inform IWK and stop the treatment.
  • Nardee have right to adjust the dosage or recommend necessary actions to optimum result.
  • Nardee will bear all expenses related to treatment. If the result is positive and success, Nardee will suggest IWK to continue the treatment on yearly basis contract.


To apply green advance liquid.

Intensive Dosage

  • To apply Green Advance Liquid on recommended interval basis during for 30 days.
  • Continue dosing until desired quality is achieved.
  • Utilization of Aerators or Blowers will be recommended for optimum saving.

Monitor and Result

  • Daily Monitoring of “Dissolved Oxygen”.
  • Daily Monitoring of Odour
  • Weekly Monitoring of BOD at discharge point
  • Weekly Report (Sharing with IWK)
  • Weekly Site visit

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