Biofence Technologies


What is Bio-fence?

Bio-fence is a revolutionary 3 in 1 barrier that is prepared with PVC perforated tubes containing natural flocculants (Moringa Oliefera seeds) coated with Nano nutrients in a buoyant fence like structure. The purpose of the bio-fence is to block the solid waste and flocculate the water bodies.

How does it work?

As the water flows through the numerous holes made into the tubes, it comes in contact with natural bio flocculants treated with Aquaritin. The Bio-fence has 3 in 1 function:

It blocks the solid waste from flowing past them.

They bio-flocculate suspended solids.

Remediates the water, improving the quality 24x7 and reduces the salts of heavy metals.



It has anti-bacterial properties

Reduces the salts of heavy metals.

Blocks solid waste making it easier to dispose and clean.

Bio-flocculate the suspended solids.

Fights against plastic pollution.


Area of Application

It is usually installed in inlets, canals, rivers or drains merging with the river, a dam or a large lake.

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