Bioritin Technologies


What is Bioritin?

You may now find a comprehensive answer to all of your wastewater treatment-related issues with Bioritin.
Bioritin are naturally isolated (non-GMO) consortia of microbes that are dosed following Aquaritin in the wastewater. The microbes degrade incoming pollutants like sewage, consume nutrients and minimise sludge. In India, a pioneering method based on nanoscale nutrients has been created after years of research for a comprehensive bio-remediation process that involves the treatment of wastewater using microbial formulations.Since the process is completely natural, the supervision and maintenance is very low. The removal of pollutants is very efficient.


How does it work?

Products from Bioritin are affordable and guarantee high-quality performance. They are very effective at maintaining COD and BOD while also having the capacity to raise DO. They prevent the development of dangerous germs. They even help maintain the ecological balance by fixing carbon without disturbing levels of phosphorus, ammonia, and nitrogen. The Bioritin line of products is biodiversity-safe and environmentally friendly. In order to remove and remediate the contaminants through biological and metabolic processes, microorganisms are added to the contaminated water as part of the bioremediation process. The use of Bioritin with Aquaritin is a combined force that no man-made system can match.


What are the application areas?

In addition to offering a solution for wastewater, Bioritin can also be used for sewage treatment plants, small rivers, drains, and effective composting of municipal solid waste. Septic tanks and bio toilets can both use it.

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