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Ultrasonic AlgaeClear

Algae blooms are a common problem in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water, which can lead to an unpleasant smell and unsightly appearance. These blooms can be harmful to the environment and the ecosystem as well. Traditional methods of removing algae involve the use of chemicals, which can have detrimental effects on the water quality and aquatic life. AlgaeClear Ultrasonic technology is a safe and effective alternative to remove algae from water bodies.
AlgaeClear L and AlgaeClear XL are ultrasonic devices designed to mitigate blue-green algae (BGA) and green algae populations. The system uses ultrasonic waves generated through the transducers, which emit 360 degrees around the system. The waves are pulsed to generate differential pressure on the air vacuoles in the BGA without lysing the cell walls. The vacuoles get ruptured, and the algae sinks to the benthic levels where it is degraded by the microbes.
The AlgaeClear system is powered through the electric mains or a portable diesel generator or DC batteries. It has a long electric cable that leads from the system to the source supply. Control of pulses is done from the control panel housed ashore. The system is left in the water 24/7 and works day and night in a pre-programmed setup. Multiple frequency ultrasonic emissions are made with frequency hopping control to optimize functioning against various species of algae. The system has more than 2304 frequencies, and there are about 2000 main species of BGA.
The transducer system is portable and can be moved within the waterbody as well as from lake to lake. Its running can be monitored through the internet even from remote locations. The normal time for reduction of BGA is a month, but it can extend to 3 months. Users can expect a reduction of about 70 to 90% within 3 months. The reduction is measured through water quality (WQ) tests that measure BGA and algae levels. The company provides such measuring equipment and expertise.
The AlgaeClear L is well suited for smaller coverage areas, making it ideal for ponds, golf courses, small reservoirs, wastewater treatment clarifiers, and irrigation ponds.
The AlgaeClear XL adds more ultrasonic boost to allow even more coverage than the AlgaeClear L, making it ideally suited for larger bodies of water such as lakes and reservoirs, wastewater lagoons, irrigation basins, and distribution water tanks.
AlgaeClear L and AlgaeClear XL are environmental friendly, safe, and cost-effective solutions for removing algae from water bodies. The use of ultrasonic technology provides a long-term solution for maintaining the water quality and ensuring the health of aquatic life.
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