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We are India's prominent bio-culture company offering wastewater treatment and composting solutions. Bioritin Biosciences Private Limited is a biotech company and manufacture bio-culture for wastewater treatment and composting under the brand name “Bioritin”. We have qualified and experienced team in the field of biotech and waste management.

R&D is a driving force of our business and we will continue to invest more in Research and Development to give more efficient biotech products for Liquid and Solid waste treatment.

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Bioritin products are pocket friendly and ensure product quality and efficiency They are highly efficient in stabilizing COD and BOD also having the ability to increase DO. They inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. They even aid in balancing phosphorus ammonia and nitrogen, balance and fixes carbon without interrupting the ecological balance.

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Aquaritin products are backed by years of development, research and operational trials. Our goal from inception was to manufacture products that worked synergistically with local environments and would not harm the environment or the beneficial organisms that occupy it. We have developed proprietary mineral compounds that are used in our products to achieve the designed performance parameters, and we continue to leverage our learnings to bring solutions to new challenges around the globe.

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Our range of products are environment friendly and pose no threat to environment.

Our Projects

Global Leader in In-situ Bio(Phyco) Remediation of Polluted River Segments, Drains and Lakes.

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